• General
  • I have a feature request

    Great!  Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

  • What is debug mode?

    Debug mode prints out toast messages on the screen and allows you to see everything that Voicer is executing.  The messages print out to the screen slower than they are executed by the system, so don't be alarmed if they seem slow.

  • This silly thing doesn't understand me, what can I do about it?

    Voicer uses Google Speech to text.  If you aren't getting the results you expect and it keeps reporting "command not found" than we recommend turning on debug mode.  Debug mode will allow you see a print out of what Google is hearing.

  • Voicer doesn't understand me. What can I do?

    Voicer uses Androids native speech to text. If Voicer can't understand you than google can't. But fear not, we have accounted for that in the design of Voicer! To improve voice to text start be enabling debug mode in the settings screen. Debug mode will print to the screen the text of what Google hears. Than you can modify your event text to use the text that google hears. In addition, with Voicer pro you can combine different commands separated by a comma. Now you can have many commands all take one action.

  • I keep on getting "Cant reach google at the moment.

    Voicer uses Googles speech to text engine and an Internet connection to Google may be necessary at times. Rebooting the phone seems to resolve this problem

  • What is the Driver name?

    If you have Composer HE and your dealer has added the driver and hasn't changed the name it will show up as "HTTP Event Driver". Please search all rooms as your dealer could have placed it anywhere.

  • Control4 Driver
  • What Version of Control4 is required?

    The driver will only work with version 2.0 and higher.  Version 2.3 or newer is recommended for best compatibility.

  • Why do I get an error on every command but the command still executes?

    Please update your driver to version 1.1

  • Where do I download the driver?

    The driver can be downloaded from http://luadrivers.com/drivers/http-event-driver/

    Note: Free registration is required.

  • Voicer Free
  • What is the difference between Voicer Free and Pro?

    Voicer Free doesn't have any many events as Voicer Pro.  Voicer free only supports 10 events.  In addition, Voicer Free doesn't support multi-event mode.

    The same driver is used on the Control4 system for both.

  • Voicer Pro
  • What is multi-command mode?

    Multi-command mode allows you specific more than one audio command to be executed for a single event.  This is a feature only of Voicer Pro.  To use multi-command mode you have to enter the commands in the format of "command 1,command 2".  Note: There is no space on either side of the comma.

  • What are the advantages of Voicer Pro?

    Voicer Pro has many features that Voicer Free does not:

    1) Voicer Pro supports 96 commands instead of 10

    2) Voicer Pro has multi-command mode

    3) Voicer Pro is being actively developed and updated

  • Does Voicer Pro use the same driver as Voicer Free?

    Yes! To make upgrading easy, the same driver is used by both applications.

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